Every Community needs a Foundation. What is yours?

  • When people want to connect to better be able to act together
  • When conventional meetings run too shallow and miss the core of the matter
  • When a brave space is needed, to share hopes and dreams, and well as worries and fears, to be able to move on together

Sitting together, hearing eachother out, learning, sharing and becoming one can be a way.

Circle Practise is:

  • A facilitation technology (a technique a person can use to help groups realise their highest potential)
  • An approach to building communities, movements and organisations (a way of “leadership” thinking that people with initiative can use to gather support and achieve things they couldn’t achieve alone)
  • A life practise for community living, learning and peace building

On this Site, you will be able to:

  • Learn more about Circle practise and apply it in your own context
  • ‎Connect with Circle practitioners to help you design and host conversations that matter to you

About us

  • Juliane Martina Röll, from Luxembourg, living in Germany.
  • Ilse Pogatschnigg, from Austria, living in Belgium.
  • We build on “The Circle Way” by Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin.
  • We are connected with and grounded in the Art of Hosting community and practise.


Are you a community activist, a leader in an organisation or an individual with a strong personal calling? We function as consultants and co-hosts, supporting you to host the conversations you need to host, and building the movements you need to build to change the world with.

Are you a an organisational developer or a consultant in a business, an NGO or another organisation? We can support you as colleagues, co-hosts, and collaborators.

Something else that calls you? Get in touch, sit with us and discover a way.

Connect with us at: info@structureprocess.com